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Free to Rock!

Jay Carpenter

Biography:┬áJay Carpenter. Sixty-nine. Born in Germany on December 25th 1945. He holds both Korean (North) and British passports in addition to his German citizenship. Jay’s record is sealed to the German authorities. Only the Chancellor can approved it’s viewing. An ex-Rock Star. his super-group Voyage of Damnation sold over 600 million records. The hit ‘The […]

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Zani - President of iNation


Zani was found on the streets of Vienna. She was admitted to hospital with a severe head injury and suffered a memory loss. After discharge she lived on the streets and made a living playing in the bars and clubs of Vienna. She is currently 19 years of age. She became famous in Vienna as […]

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The Geek

Xavier Yoni Zevon

Xavier is known in the synth-world as X-Z and runs a group of cyber warriors know as Blck Fleet. Its primary role is to protect The Deep, the location where the Brain of The Beast resides. Xavier is married to Zani

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